Bookazine No. 8 | Fashion

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This issue of HÅNDVÆRK takes you on a fashion-themed tour of Denmark with a brief stop in Sweden.

They start out with a visit at the RHANDERS glove factory. On the way from Randers to Copenhagen, you will meet SØREN NIKOLAJ SKYT, who runs the knitwear company S. N. S. HERNING, founded by his grandfather in 1919, and you will join Rigetta for a chat with the next generation of designers at DESIGN SCHOOL KOLDING.

In the southern part of the island of Funen, you will meet weaver and textile designer STINE SKYTTE, and in the island’s main city, Odense, ghey talk fashion history at the museum TIDENS SAMLING.

In Copenhagen, they'll have a chat with designer JAN MACHENHAUER and cap-maker WILGART, among others, and visit designer and shoe manufacturer EVA BARTELS. Shoes are also the topic of her talk with ALAIN LEBER, the former head designer for Louis Vuitton and Burberry, who recently launched his own shoe brand, MONSIEUR L.

The tour ends in Skåne in southern Sweden, where you will meet KARL BERGLUND, who traded in a career in fashion for life as a saffron farmer.


Theme: fashion
Topics: crafts and design
Contents: interviews, feature articles, inspiration
Published twice a year
Languages: English / Danish
Size: 215 x 280 mm (softback) 160 pages
Paper: 130 g